History in Time Since 1846

Rolf W.Schnyder


With 18 gold medals awarded to Ulysse Nardin over the years by some of the most prestigious international institutions and 4300 prizes of chronometry excellence, we could now rest on our laurels and live off the past 150 years of Ulysse Nardin´s history.

However, this is very far from the philosophy of the people behind this extraordinary compagny which enjoy an outstanding reputation for creative ingenuty.

During the past decade, the company obtained the highest number og patents in mechanical watchmaking. Some og these patents will find their fist application in the revolutionary Perpentual Ludwig, the 150th Anniversary commemorative timepiece created by The Master of Innovation, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Oechslin.





Limited Edition. For the first time in watchmaking history, the date, month, and year displays of this mechanical perpetuale calender can be set backwards and forwards with the quik corrector og a single crown, even in the yaer 2100 when other Perpetual Calendars must be reset by qualified watchmakers. 150 pieces in paltin and 150 pieces each in yellow and pink gold will be made.







NR. 54

En klasiker


18Kt guldkasse - bagkasse monteret med skruer - makanisk værk med håndoptræk - giliuteret urskive i sølv med sorte romertal



Chronosplit Berlin

Double Chrografh with flyback hands and 24 hour timezone indicator